SRM – Semester Abroad Program…

Hi all..

Now that’s its officially launched, i’m proud to say that SRM, my university has launched SEMESTER ABROAD PROGRAM, in which they plan to send selected students of the University to spend a semester in leading Universities of the World in USA, UK, France, Japan and other countries. I’m even happy to say that i’m a part of this initiative and one the first students to get this opportunity. The Launch was done on 4th of January and Chief Guest was Mr. David T. Hopper , the Consul General of United States Consulate in Chennai .. The Press coverage of Hindu is as below and also available online here



Chennai Showers…

Well, the past couple of days, have seen continual Showers of varying intensity pouring their hearts out over chennai, the amazing thing is that even in such circumstances, the exam schedule was not altered, well all’s well that ends well .. as the beauty of skyline after rainis indeed a wonderful sight to behold ..

Sky after Showers

Chicken in Chennai

All credit to Joe for discovering it.. This tiny shop(Arabian Delights) sandwitched among many on the main road leading to Roundtana, in Annanagar.. serves maybe perhaps the best halal cut kebabs in Chennai .. I can’t wait to be visit it when i go over to my friends’ place ther..

haha Ajay   Joe