My Gadgets


My Machine..

Tweaked to Optimum Performance.. I Present to You … The IlluminatorIlluminator


Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83 Ghz

1.5 Gb of RAM ( DDR2 667 mhz)

Ati Raedon x1600 Gfx Card with 512 Mb of Memory ( Yeah ! Can Play Nything )

Bluetooth 1.2 + WiFi + Gigabit Ethernet + Spill Free Keyboard + 9 Cell Battery

Ain’t it a Tiger !

My Phone

My reliable associate for long now, This Nokia 6680 was a dream phone when i bought it in early 2006…


Excellent Camera with Flash, 3G support, Smooth Video Play, Comfortable Keypad, Symbian 60 v8 OS, Java, Web 2.0… are few of its many wonderful features.

Ah ! the phone above is no longer with me now, pity, i loved it ! Anyways, i need to give no introductions for what has substituted it. Salute the Boss ! Nokia N 95

N95 .. Ubercool !


Ah.. Listening to its Wonderful Sound I have Lost myself in Oblivion many a times .. my Trusty Old iPod Mini.. is Still what i like.. !!


—————————————— MORE STUFF TO BE POSTED —————————————-


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