My Rainmaker …

Far away I see the cloud
In its majesty flying so high
Smiling happily after crying so much
I see it drift away in the sky

I’m sitting in a crowd of strangers
Yet i don’t feel alone in here
As steadily strengthening and supporting me,
You are there in my heart my dear

Now a see a lake by my side
Filled and Flowing its heart out
It says I had my share
Let the Earth be happy as i pout

As the cloud drifts away,
and color brighten in the sky,
I look in wonderment at nature’s magic,
as a cool breeze touches me by.

You’ve been my cloud,
which cleared my mind,
and filled me with love
which one can never find

That’s why I say I love you with no fear,
because you’ve been my rainmaker my dear..