Chennai Showers…

Well, the past couple of days, have seen continual Showers of varying intensity pouring their hearts out over chennai, the amazing thing is that even in such circumstances, the exam schedule was not altered, well all’s well that ends well .. as the beauty of skyline after rainis indeed a wonderful sight to behold ..

Sky after Showers


My Rainmaker …

Far away I see the cloud
In its majesty flying so high
Smiling happily after crying so much
I see it drift away in the sky

I’m sitting in a crowd of strangers
Yet i don’t feel alone in here
As steadily strengthening and supporting me,
You are there in my heart my dear

Now a see a lake by my side
Filled and Flowing its heart out
It says I had my share
Let the Earth be happy as i pout

As the cloud drifts away,
and color brighten in the sky,
I look in wonderment at nature’s magic,
as a cool breeze touches me by.

You’ve been my cloud,
which cleared my mind,
and filled me with love
which one can never find

That’s why I say I love you with no fear,
because you’ve been my rainmaker my dear..

Early Morning in SRM

Hmm.. a new thing i have taken to doing nowdays is getting up early at about 6 and go for a morning walk.. Its been an eye opener for me about mornings, especially when i don’t remember when i last saw sunrise.. Ha, jokes apart.. I have clicked some nice pics of the early morning sights in the campus..

Lake(View 1) Campus Road

Lake (View 2) The Lake Behind..