Life’s Meandering…

Statuary Warning : I’m gonna get Philosophical in this post!

Its been a long time since i’ve posted now, mainly coz so many things have happened so fast and i didn’t have time for anything else.
It seems like November last year was ages back, i was getting into some research, fighting along the usual bureaucracies and politics involved in getting what you want, getting bored in class, having fun with friends, enjoying my new found love life, and occasionally cursing myself for the life I’ve chosen and wondering about the direction in which I’m moving.
Then, in the midst of all this and college exams, the semester abroad program started, knowing the usual way of how things work in the university, i was skeptical of if anything would work out as moreover, the program was for spring 08 and we had less than 2 months to send applications, get acceptance, complete the visa procedure and reach there after being finalized by SRM, which itself would have taken 2 months knowing the cat and dog fight we generally have .. lol. But inspite of all the odds, we were successful in getting through everything, if not for some divine intervention i wonder how everything happened .. it was magical how finally on 18th of January, 3 days before start of class for spring 08, i landed in Milwaukee… the city totally covered with snow ..

To be continued ..

Ok, i step out of the aircraft and s small fissure between the aircraft and the aerobridge to the airport premises introduces me to the cold air which i have to face for the next few months to come, i felt as if i’m some freezer, within the next few seconds my attire was transformed to one similar to an eskimo .. lolz.
Apart from the extremely bitter cold, (which surprisingly, i was reasonably comfortable with), Milwaukee and American life in general was quite exotic, even though we think we know it all through electronic media…

Anyways, UWM’s college life was like a dream come true, i’ve never enjoyed college life more than in those 5 months, and i never knew how time flew. Academics was for once really challenging, which made you rattle your brains and the sweet satisfaction of success cannot be found anywhere else. Before embarking on this adventurous mission, I had no idea about whether or not i’ll be able to cope up and perform with the standards maintaining in a world class recognised institution.. but i’m happy to say that I surprised myself, and the end of the day leaves me with more confidence, more opportunities and a different outlook of life.

But again, you want more.. coz now you can see more and as you want more you are not satisfied. This insatiable need to keep reaching the higher high is what keeps you going, and it needs continuous fueling by the individual as well as his environ. Coz i feel if the environ is not conducive enough for the individuals desires, the desire to excel burns out and complacency creeps into the picture. I know getting higher in life and keeping your momentum going is easier said than done. In fact, I have a part of me is very lazy and complacent, it wants to be ignorant of the reality and the world around, it likes get lost in its own blissful world where there are no worries, no deadlines to meet and a easy going fun life. Unfortunately this dream world exists only in dreams, and somehow we need to kick some senses into ourselves and snapback to reality, the sooner the better.
Even if we are able to get ourselves to work with full vigour, there are times when you seem stuck, there are problems which seems unsolvable and all our fervor is dampened. This dispirited nature cant get us anywhere; quoting Randy Pausch, ” The Brick walls are there for a reason, They let us prove how badly we want things “, So its these testing times which show us our true potential, these times show us what we are really capable us, I should not be preaching all this as i so far don’t follow most of it strictly myself, but at the same time, i don’t say i’m correct, I accept my weakness and I try to overcome it at several occasions.

Spending a semester at UWM has made me grow much more as a person, and i’m very happy for that. Now my life has taken another turn here, I get the opportunity to take transfer, spend two more semesters at UWM and graduate with a BS in Computer Science, trust me when I say, for a guy from a middle class Indian University, this is like free tickets to the Moon !! There’ll be several instances of your life which later you realize were your major turning points, like for example me getting admitted to SRM initially at Modinagar, but this was one of those moments where I can feel it right there that “Yes, THIS is gonna change my life”.

With every new thing, comes loads of speculations, anxieties, brick walls, but i believe in Providence, Karma and doing my part of the work properly. So far, i’ve been blessed with good luck and things have gone smoothly, and i’m going in this new found direction trying to reach my destiny; at the same time, I’ve put in time and effort to help others to achieve the same and more in life. As i believe that Arrogance and Insolence leads to one’s ruin but having a humble nature and helping others gives you a Divine Euphoria and Peace.

Thus I say my Life’s Meandering as I don’t know where I’m going or what my destiny is going to be, I’ve been so surprised by thew amazing ways life takes turns that I feel there’s no point expecting anything out of it. As nothing seems to have gone as expected. But I can say that things are happening for the better, and i’m very happy with the way things are going, I have dreams and ambitions no doubt, but maybe just by sticking to what i’m supposed to do and not expecting much out of life, I get more than what i asked for .. 😉

Peace out people .. I’m tired…


3 Responses to “Life’s Meandering…”

  1. Ajay Says:

    hey….. wanna hear ur account of it….dont keep us in suspense…post it in one go….

  2. Vikas Says:

    K .. will do that ..

  3. Ajay Says:

    life is strange indeed…. u never know wats in store next… so passing thru all brick walls like the wall to reach platform nine and quarters, keep trying to move on to bigger things and i am sure u’ ll get there (though ideally there is never a biggest thing with which one can be safisfied). all the best…

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