My Stint with GPS

Well, it was very stupid of me to think that GPS won’t function in my phone as its network dependent, I mean whenever i tried i was in a room, under a roof! How the hell can i catch a satellite signal ?

I finally figured it out, and it was simply awesome, i could use voice guided navigation, gps positioning, satellite imaging and other loads of cool stuff including finding the nearest restaurant of your taste..  I have to give it to Nokia, N95 is nothing short of perfect especially after updating my Firmware to version 2 . which gives you a faster O/S, super fast camera software, 30 mb ram free at startup, new design of interface n much more..


Chennai Showers…

Well, the past couple of days, have seen continual Showers of varying intensity pouring their hearts out over chennai, the amazing thing is that even in such circumstances, the exam schedule was not altered, well all’s well that ends well .. as the beauty of skyline after rainis indeed a wonderful sight to behold ..

Sky after Showers

Beautiful Eyes !

Just out of the blue, i had this idea and i made this.. putting together the beautiful eyes i could get.. here’s a widescreen wallpaper.. enjoy..

Beautiful Eyes..