Orkut Proxies !!

Hey.. well as the college server’s some intelligent mechanism is blocking all proxies we keep using to access orkut.. I declare war against the server.. here’s a new list of working proxies for everybody to use for orkut .. ( u can also use it to download restricted stuff ) ..

#HTTPS Proxy List (more secure)

* https://www.spiceflame.com/
* https://www.headcross.com/
* https://www.fancysportscar.com/
* https://www.goldpuddle.com/
* https://www.smokeflower.com/
* https://www.frogtunnel.com/
* https://www.turtlejar.com/
* https://www.jokebottle.com
* https://www.hairchip.com
* https://spacepiano.com
* https://cakebird.com/
* https://iceknock.com/
* https://junkblender.com/
* https://cheeseglobe.com
* https://kitebroth.com
* https://www.technotapes.com/

#HTTP Proxy List (less secure)

* http://www.jumboproxy.net
* http://www.orkuch.com
* http://www.orkutpass.com
* http://www.orkut.pk
* http://pmoder.info/
* http://smex.in/
* http://bowsnap.com/
* http://pagemod.com/
* http://backfox.com
* http://atunnel.com
* http://calculatepie.com
* http://bravebadger.com
* http://kproxy.com
* http://www.stupidcensorship.com
* http://www.vmathpie.com
* http://www.ipfaker.com
* http://www.orkutproxy.in/
* http://www.ipfaker.com
* http://www.backfox.com
* http://www.newbackdoor.com
* http://www.proxut.com

There are more… and if u r using any proxy successfully… please take pain to post about it in comments! So the list can be updated continuously!


6 Responses to “Orkut Proxies !!”

  1. Vidhya Says:

    Thanks. It is very useful.

  2. wvgirl Says:

    these proxies work, but there is way too many popups! i get like 20 or more popups when I use them at work…thats the only downside…

  3. Ajay Nambiar Says:


    How can i go without even recommending the people who have helped me into myspace.
    Just doing a return service for all their proxy services.
    I have been using pagemod.com proxies for some time now.Never gets unblocked
    because of their domain update service. one mail to pagemod@gmail.com i get a new domain,
    currently i think there new
    domain is http://tinyurl.com/5nx49l [click here to go there]

  4. Ajay Nambiar Says:

    well wen its free and working..u do except something like popups or ads… for revenuw

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