Chicken in Chennai

All credit to Joe for discovering it.. This tiny shop(Arabian Delights) sandwitched among many on the main road leading to Roundtana, in Annanagar.. serves maybe perhaps the best halal cut kebabs in Chennai .. I can’t wait to be visit it when i go over to my friends’ place ther..

haha Ajay   Joe



2 Responses to “Chicken in Chennai”

  1. yuvivarun Says:

    is tht ajay????i cant believe my eyes…!!!! i think ajay … in this two billion years of earth’s evolution ..u ve did a really nice job buddy!!! rock on!!!and wen u eat chicken u r not supposed to stare at its private parts… just eat them ….

  2. yuvivarun Says:

    and fk u joe! …. u ve never told me anything abt that restaurant in anna nagar!!

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