Music Information Retrieval


I have recently come across this field ( about a month ago ) and it doesn’t stop to interest me.. The Beat Count Estimator is also a part of Music Information Retrieval, but unfortunately i haven’t found much text on it over the net..

This is what Wikipedia says :

Music information retrieval or MIR is the interdisciplinary science of retrieving information from music.

This includes:

  • Computational methods for classification, clustering, and modelling — Musical feature extraction for mono- and polyphonic music, similarity and pattern matching, retrieval
  • Formal methods and databases — Applications of automated music identification and recognition, such as score following, automatic accompaniment, Routing and filtering for music and music queries, Query languages, Standards and other metadata or protocols for music information handling and retrieval, Multi-agent systems, distributed search)
  • Software for music information retrieval — Semantic Web and musical digital objects, Intelligent agents, Collaborative software, Web-based search and semantic retrieval, query by humming, acoustic fingerprinting
  • Human-computer interaction and interfaces — Multi-modal interfaces, User interfaces and usability, Mobile applications, User behaviour
  • Music perception, cognition, affect, and emotions — Music similarity metrics, Syntactical parameters, Semantic parameters, Musical forms, structures, styles and genres, Music annotation methodologies
  • Music analysis and knowledge representation — Automatic summarization, citing, excerpting, downgrading, transformation, Formal models of music, digital scores and representations, Music indexing and metadata
  • Music archives, libraries, and digital collections — Music digital libraries, Public access to musical archives, Benchmarks and research databases
  • Intellectual property rights and music — National and international intellectual property right issues, Digital rights management, Identification and traceability
  • Sociology and Economy of music — Music industry and use of MIR in the production, distribution, consumption chain, User profiling, Validation, User needs and expectations, evaluation of music IR systems, building test collections, experimental design and metrics

Apart from the above information, it is exciting to know that there is a annual event called ISMIR (International Symposium on Music Information Retrieval) held in various parts of the world where several papers and presented on this field. ISMIR 2008 is going to be held in Philadelphia ,U.S.A. somewhere around September.

I have come to note that there is negligible participation of India in MIR when Indian Music Industry is so popular. I have several ideas where MIR can be used with Indian Music to give phenomenal results. Anyone working on this field or interested to share ideas, can drop in a mail as learning from each other would be mutually beneficial.


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