Can you Change Yourself !!

Statuary Warning : I might get Philosophical here .. 😉

Well, do all of us like ourselves, if we do then why do we always try to go a extra step to present ourselves in a out-worldly way, the reason is that each one of us aiming higher in life wants to better ourselves and others around us in every way, isn’t it.. very few of us are totally down to earth and saintly in their attitude. But i don’t say its wrong, come on Life is a challenge and we are here to win it.. so why not always strife to beat ourselves…

The important thing here that first we must learn to respect what we are and what we do only then can we move higher..Change is the way world moves and all of us are trying to resist change.. cause we are afraid of the unknown.. not willing to take the challenge life gives us.. but those few who have the grit and guts to take this challenge make a mark, still many of us resist change and settle and compromise with the life we have.. Yeah yeah, people argue that we should  settle down at some point in life.. but the ultimate truth is that you can never be satisfied with putting a pause in life..cause the fighter in you would urge you to move on n you’ll spend your life supressing it…

So come on folk.. Don’t Hesitate.. Never stop Believing, Change yourself for the better.. !


One Response to “Can you Change Yourself !!”

  1. Shruti... Says:

    Who in your opinion is a perfect person? I know that nobody on this earth is perfect … But we all try to! What makes one perfect? All of us like ourselves and are somewhere, happy that we are like that. But its not always our own satisfaction that matters. Like our life is not just ours, there is share in it of all those people who are close to us and in whose lives, we play a part. Hence, we at times try to change ourselves for those whom we like or for those who like us. Of course, there are instances when we all get carried away and practically lose our own original selves, which is something we shouldn’t do…
    I agree that unless we respect ourselves, we can’t move higher! Nor can we appreciate anyone else’s goodness. But, the truth of life is that we have to change regularly as and when time and situations call. Practically, the only thing that is constant in life is change, and the only thing constant in you with changing times is what you think, what you feel and how you take things. Please note – I am not talking of perception and points of view here coz as and when your situation changes, your perception and point of view changes. A glass is half full or half empty. It is difference of point of view. At this, I remember a little portion of a song at school …

    As I look around me
    I see the world in a different light
    Everything is changing
    And it happened overnight
    Changing for the better
    and it starts with you and me
    So we’ll sing a song together
    and forever we’ll be free …

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