The First Post !!

A Hello to everybody there.. Hmm.. its would be both astonishing and weird for people who know me that i wasn’t seriously into blogging for all these years, and that finally i have made a firm resolve to maintain a useful blog. The First Post, is maybe perhaps the most testing time for a first time blogger. Maybe its becoz he’s feeling the need to pull out his strings, coax his hidden creativity to come out of its shell and dance in front of the world.. Ha, basically its the need to break the ice and open up with a hidden virtual audience to his posts, and the first time, its like you are talking to a stranger, but as a blogger gets well aquainted with the kind of audience he is addressing and becomes fluent in his approach, his thoughts start to flow freely and begin the creation of a Wonderful new Blog in the Blogosphere …. Never heard that word ? Well, its an ecosystem of Blogs, blogs which have become and indispensible part of eveybody’s life, helping people to share information, feelings, exhalt and be happy in the vitrtual world.. Its true that this new Online Sociology will affect the way people used to interact with or spend time in the society, but yes at least it keeps eveyone away from the hipocracies and selfish parts of the real society… In Blogosphere, everybody is open to express their thoughts and feelings as they wish, its fun and learning for everybody here and rarely is their a place for ego clashes or mutual battles specially now when we have policing on comments etc ….

Anyways, with this end my FIRST POST and welcome all of you to Amalgamation of Thoughts !!


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