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This Blog is now inactive and my website is located at

Hi.. !

I am Vikas Bhardwaj and this Worpress Blog is related to happenings and updates in my Areas of Interest and my Life.. So its having both personal and work related stuff…

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Get to Know me, my Ideas and Interests !

I was born in Bangalore in 1987, shifted to New Delhi when i was 3 and completed schooling there in Springdales School, Pusa Road. Passionate with Computer Science, took up Computer Science Engineering at SRM University,Chennai; My monotonous life took a turn and i somehow ended up taking a transfer to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where i’m currently in my Senior year majoring in Computer Science. So drifting the span of the country, and several places in the world, i understand diverse languages and cultures of the great country that we live in, plus the contemporary world.

You can picture me as more of a laid back neighbourhood geek, i get along with almost anyone and anything, like music ( a lot ), listen to almost all genres. I’m kinda idealistic, but practicality never leaves me. Logic suits me better n I think i m maybe a bit bad at emotions, feelings n stuff like that ( though i’m improving there .. lol ). More of a guy who has a plan and a backup plan before doing something. I’m very philosophical at times and like to share my ideas with friends. My friends-circle is more of few good friends rather than many not-so-good ones. I like to read books on varied topics of interest and fiction reading is very limited. I’m a Photography enthusiast and like do fiddle around with digital photography.

Technical and Research Interests :

I always was fascinated by the complexities involved in the world on bit n bytes and am still pursuing my passion, so i’m happy about it. In particular, initially i was more into multimedia, making cool graphix, animations etc which geeky kids do. Then i got into networking, fiddled around for a while there. Then futhur extended my multimedia interests on web and got into web development. Now past all that my research interests are in Machine Learning and Data Mining. I plan to pursue furthur studies in this field and go on for my M.S. in 2009.


You can mail me at or Please write in if we share any common interests and with your suggestions to improve this page.



4 Responses to “All about me – Vikas”

  1. Sonya Rose Says:

    Thank you my friend! Good luck pursuing your passions:)

    Shine On!
    Sonya Rose

  2. Dog training Says:

    Very interesting… as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.

  3. Shruti... Says:

    Hey! I was just going through your blog and I got to know that we have similar philosophies of life … Do we know each other 😉

    You’re looking cute in that picture … And I’m waiting for you to be back home more than you are because you are losing weight day by day …

    Miss you!
    Take care,
    Shruti …

  4. Jim Kopps Says:

    Like your blog. Thanks for taking the time.


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